MITTS - Astis Naddodd Mitten
PALM MATERIAL - Suede Leather
BASE MATERIAL - Silicone-Injected Suede Leather
INSULATION - Polartec Thermal Pro
MSRP - $195
NOTES - It's cool if you don't like the way the Naddodd Mitten's look as much as we do. That red shield with a white deer skull? We dig it. The name? Naddodd was a Viking who discovered Iceland. It seems like a good name for glove made for getting out and exploring frosty lands. On the flip side, this pair is pricey.
PERFORMANCE - We were shocked at how functional these mitts were. We used them skiing on a nasty, wet snowmaking day that approximates activities ranging from snowmobiling to sled dog racing, and we couldn't believe how much grip the silicon-injected, waterproof suede leather provided on ski poles. The Kevlar stitching holding the thick leather mitts together might mean the Naddodds are going to withstand heavy use. Being leather, the more use they see, the more comfortable they become. Astis handwear was born a few years ago, and its products are handmade in the states, and that wouldn't matter a lick if the mitts weren't well made. The craftsmanship in these mitts is on par with the warmth, dexterity, and protection they provide.

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