Make & Model - Brite-Strike BD-180-MH
Colorway - Black
Lumen Output - 290
Beam Options - High
Runtime - 1h
Bezel Diameter - 1.1 in
Overall Length - 3.75 in
Weight With Battery - 3 oz
Battery Type - CR123A (1, included)
MSRP - $130
Accessories - none

This flashlight is equipped with Brite-Strike's proprietary Tactical Blue Dot switch. The switch's longer spring stiffens before it locks into constant on mode; the additional resistance provides for more control of momentary bursts of light. A non-removable pocket clip is built in, as are front and rear strike crowns for self-defense. Its lens is polycarbonate and a DC/DC regulator helps maintain a stable light through the duration of the battery life.

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