Make & Model - Eton American Red Cross FRX2
Radio Bands - AM/FM/WB
Power Sources - Hand Crank / Solar / USB Rechargeable Battery
Dimensions - 5.4 in L x 2.4 in H x 2.4 in D
Weight - 9 oz
Colorway - Red
MSRP - $45
Notes - The American Red Cross FRX2 by Eton is a manually tuned analog radio that covers AM, FM, and WB bands. It houses a rechargeable battery that can be charged through a mini USB port, a hand-cranked turbine, and a built-in solar panel. It also features a full-sized USB port that is capable of "dump charging" devices such as smartphones. Its three-LED flashlight works decently — it isn't super bright, but gets the job done. The flashlight's bezel glows in the dark, a nice touch when you need to find the radio in complete darkness. However, we did find that even at maximum, the radio's volume in AM mode just doesn't get quite loud enough for us. The manual tuning can be tricky, but the seven weather band stations have their own preset positions on the tuning knob, a nice feature that makes tuning to them a snap. That being said, the reception quality for WB stations was seriously lacking. The FRX2 is one of the smaller radios in this guide, which makes it the easiest to pack in tight spaces. Also noteworthy, a portion of the purchase of this radio goes to the American Red Cross.

Indoor Reception: AM Good / FM Excellent / WB Poor

Outdoor Reception: AM Excellent / FM Excellent / WB Poor

Hand Cranking: 5 minutes = 10 minutes of radio time

Ease of Use: Good

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