Make & Model - Knox Electric Cooler/Warmer
Capacity - 48 quarts
Exterior Dimensions - 18 by 23 by 16 inches
Interior Dimensions - 17.5 by 12 by 11.75 inches
Weight - 13 pounds
MSRP - $135

One of our duo of powered coolers is the Knox electric cooler. The company is so proud of it, this model doesn't even show up on its own website (but it's sold at Walmart). In its defense, it's not really an ice chest and more of a plug-in refrigerator; when attached to the wall, it excels. With a flick of the switch, it can cool (down to 40 degrees) as well as heat (up to 130 degrees).

The wheels are tiny, like those on a suitcase, but it's not meant to travel off of the well-worn path. The handle is too short to comfortably pull this cooler any moderate distance, and the swivel cover to access the AC and DC cords (which are impressively long) is very flimsy and will be the first thing to break.

– Solid rubber(ish) wheels
– Interior divider
– AC and DC adapters (5.5-foot cords)
– Cools and heats

– Small wheels
– Low wheel clearance
– Too short of a handle
– Flimsy plug cover

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