Make & Model - Rubbermaid DuraChill 5-Day Wheeled Cooler
Capacity - 50 quarts
Exterior Dimensions - 15.25 by 23.38 by 19 inches
Interior Dimensions - 22 by 10.25 by 13 inches
Weight - 17 pounds
MSRP - $40

The split lid of this traditional cooler helps keep in the cold (and you won't disrupt two of the four drinks in the cupholders), and the side handles on this cooler seem well made and strong. The drain hole is in the front, and besides possibly accidentally kicking it open, it would make better sense putting it on the back side so it drains when you tip the cooler back for rolling.

This unit rolls lengthwise, which might go over as well as a double-wide stroller in a crowded store. It barely fits through a standard door opening, but does put the majority of the weight right over the wheels, making it lighter to pull. You need an inexpensive cooler in a snap? This is your guy. Rubbermaid says it'll keep ice up to five 90-degree days, but don't expect too much from it. The beer you put in it is probably worth more than the cooler.

– Dual opening top
– Solid side handles
– Deep cup holders

– Wide configuration
– Tread-less wheels
– Flimsy handle

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