Make & Model - RovR RollR 80
Capacity - 80 quarts
Exterior Dimensions - 22.9 by 23.6 by 26.5
Interior Dimensions - 17.5 by 19.3 by 16.1 inches
Weight - 40 pounds
MSRP - $449

If there were a Humvee among coolers, this would undoubtedly be it. Firstly, it's giant, at 80 quarts, but isn't oversized. It also includes a few accessories, such as a cutting board, a twin cupholder, and an internal organizer bin.

For its size, the rubber latches seem as though they might break or come undone if the cooler ever took a tumble (they have a bike trailer accessory to tow option). The bicycle-style handle requires two people (or two hands); if you one-hand it, you'll be pulling it by the center of the handle, where there's no grip. It features tie-down points on the corners, and strapped to the lid is a canvas accessories box, especially designed for beach gear (which can be used for anything you'd like).

The only thing undersized about this cooler is the drain plug, which sits a little high, meaning you'll be tipping this over when cleaning it out at the end of the day.

– Removable plastic divider bin
– Tie-down points
– Strap-on canvas cargo bag
– Real rubber tires

– Flimsy rubber latches
– Small drain hole — too high up
– Awkward bicycle-style handle
– Heavy

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