Make & Model - Peak Power Station 600 (PKC0AS)
Dimensions - 10 x 9 x 7 in
Weight - 8 lb, 13 oz
MSRP - $79.99
Features - 600 Peak amp jumpstarter
Air hose
260-psi (18 Bar) air compressor gauge
5 LED battery power indicator
Low-charge alert alarm

Don't get stuck in the position of looking for a jump in the event that your car battery does run down. Stay one step ahead of having to ask strangers for a jump by having jumper cables on hand with a jump pack. (In a disaster scenario, we opt to be as self-sufficient as possible.) Jump packs carry enough power to get your car running again and have a few other useful features. The Peak Power Station 600 includes a 260-psi tire inflator, an air compressor gauge, and a low-charge alert that lets you know when its time for a recharge. The Peak line of Power Stations also come in different power output levels; make your choice according to your vehicle's needs.

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