Make & Model - Midland ER300 Emergency Crank Weather Alert Radio
Radio Bands - AM/FM/WB
Power Sources - Hand Crank / Solar / USB Rechargeable Battery / AA Battery (6)
Dimensions - 7.9 in L x 3.25 in H x 2.4 in D
Weight - 1 lb, 0.3 oz
Colorway - Black/Red
MSRP - $70
Notes - Midland's ER300 can rely on multiple power sources, including solar, hand crank, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, and even six AA batteries. The radio is digitally tuned and has a large, easily read backlit display with a clock function. Its bright, built-in flashlight is equipped with a Cree LED that can project light in three modes — low, high, and as a Morse code SOS beacon. Interestingly, the ER300 also includes a unique ultrasonic dog whistle, which Midland says may assist search-and-rescue teams in locating individuals during an emergency situation. Its body incorporates a solid carry handle and feels robust, as does the rest of its body. Like other radios in this guide, it also has the capability of charging devices through its USB port.

Indoor Reception: AM Poor / FM Excellent / WB Poor

Outdoor Reception: AM Excellent / FM Excellent / WB Excellent

Hand Cranking: 1 minute = 9 minutes of radio time

Ease of Use: Good

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