Make & Model - Scepter 10 L / 2.5 gal (07378)
Dimensions - 12 x 7.5 x 11.5 in
Empty Weight - 1 lb, 12 oz
Capacity - 10 L (2.5 gal)
MSRP - $21.99
Features - CARB-legal pour spout

An alternative to storing fuel in your vehicle would be to carry an empty fuel container and fill it as needed. It's important to choose a gas can that is made specifically to carry fuel. The Scepter line of fuel cans come in different capacities and are available in eco-friendly CARB legal versions. They are made of lightweight, rugged plastic. Do they hold up? The U.S. military uses cans made by Scepter, and that's proof enough of their toughness for us.

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