Make & Model - Ready America 4-Person Emergency Kit (item #70380)
Approximate Dimensions - 18 in. H x 12 in. W x 9.5 in. D
Weight - 18 lbs 4 oz.
MSRP - $100
Kit Contains - 4 Food ration bars
Boxes of water (1 liter each)
4 Emergency ponchos
4 Safety goggles
4 Disposable dust masks
8 Nitrile gloves
4 Survival blankets
1 First-Aid Kit (107 piece)
4 Emergency light-sticks (12 hr.)
4 Pocket tissue packs
1 Pair of gloves
1 Emergency whistle
3 Biohazard bags
12 Moist towelettes

It is recommended that we should be prepared to fend for ourselves for at least the first 72 hours after a disaster. The Ready America 4-Person Emergency Kit is a decent start to hit that goal. Compared to the other kits in this guide, this bag is bare bones, but it does have some of the basics covered. For sustenance, it includes four bricks of 2,400-calorie rations and four liters of water. Ponchos, goggles, and dust masks for four people are included, as is a 107-piece first-aid kit for very minor injuries.

The backpack that the kit comes in leaves a lot to be desired, however. It is rather flimsy and reminds us of backpacks we took to school — when we were 7 years old. On the positive end, this bag has a reflective strip on its front pouch, as well as a reinforced rubberized handle up top, which are nice touches. We do wish a higher-quality zipper were employed because the ones on this bag feel like they could fail at any time.

While this kit is not our first choice in disaster preparedness, its price tag makes it a solid fourth or fifth option. You can purchase one of these to have ready at locations that you don't frequent much (your mother-in-law's, for example), but would still like to have a kit ready just in case.

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