Make & Model - Nitro Pak Executive 72-Hour Survival Kit (item #5808)
Approximate Dimensions - 16 in. H X 16 in. W X 12 in. D
Weight - 17 lbs
MSRP - $175
Kit Contains - 2 SPACE Brand Emergency Blankets
2 Emergency rain/wind ponchos
2 Hand/pocket warmers
1 Frontier water filter straw
2 Compact sanitation/toilet tissue packs
2 Compact facial tissue packs
1 Deluxe AM/FM radio with batteries
1 Writing pad, pencil, and ink pen
1 Deck of playing cards
1 60-item first-aid kit with instruction book
1 Bag of hard candy
6 Emergen-C vitamin packets
2 3,600-calorie cookie-flavored ration bars
24 Purified drinking water pouches (4.2 oz. each)
1 Deluxe heavy-duty tube tent
1 50-foot nylon cord
1 Pair of leather gloves
1 Box of waterproof matches (45 sticks)
1 Industrial flashlight with batteries
1 12-hr. instant light-stick
1 36-hr. emergency candle with three wicks
2 N95 hospital-grade dust masks
1 Emergency survival whistle
2 Disposable sanitation bags
1 Trash bag
1 Pocket knife
18 Wet-wipe packets

This survival kit covers the basic needs for two people for about three days. It has water, food (in the form of rations), basic tools (like a flashlight, radio, and multitool), work gloves, and even a tent. This Nitro Pak kit includes with a water filter straw — always handy in any survival situation. The nylon backpack itself comes in bright day-glow orange for easy spotting, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the situation. (Good if you're stranded and need to be rescued. Bad if there's lawlessness and marauders are looking for easy targets.)

The kit includes a large selection of compact-sized survival items that cover a variety of needs, from warmth and shelter to food and first aid. Most of the items seem to be from reputable companies or of standard or better quality. Our concerns are with the bag itself. The shoulder straps seem rather thin and spaced closely to one another, which doesn't seem to be a comfortable way to carry 17 pounds (plus what you add to it) on your shoulders.

This bag's interior is rather large and has plenty of space for you to add more stuff. It has a good selection of small items, especially in the basic needs categories. If we were to use this as a base to build our bag, we would add a more potent primary flashlight and use the one included as a backup. Same thing goes for the multitool, which doesn't seem as capable as others that we've handled before. We would also add a headlamp and some spare clothes. But if you need a secondary or tertiary bag, this might fit the bill left as is.

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