Most of us carry cordage for survival purposes, whether it's in your backpack, in a bracelet on your wrist, or even in the form of your boot laces. We've reiterated many times that cordage is an essential resource, so you should know by now why it matters. However, many of us forget the importance of knowing how to use this cordage effectively. Even if you know a few essential knots, it's always helpful to have a wider repertoire for different use cases.

If you're looking to learn new knots, we have a handful of resources on our site that can teach you. Then again, it's often useful to see the knot-tying process in motion, so you might search a particular knot on YouTube. Unfortunately, some videos are too fast or from a confusing perspective—or you might even end up with something like this:

Now, wasn't that informative?

If you're looking to be a little more serious about learning knots, we can point you in the right direction. provides dozens of step-by-step knot-tying guides in animated form. Better yet, they don't have any long introductions, unnecessary voice-overs, obnoxious music, or confusing camera angles. You can even speed up or slow down the animation, and flip the perspective to match your own—features a YouTube video doesn't offer.

Paracord donut cordage knot bundle rope string 3

So, if you're looking to learn some new knots without all the additional fluff, check out

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