Multitool Firebiner: Outdoor Element’s Revamp of a Common Piece of Gear

Combining the versatility of the multitool and the carabiner, the Outdoor Element Multitool Firebiner is an EDC force multiplier.

Who is Outdoor Element?

Mix a mechanical engineer who used to design equipment for the military, with unquenchable passion for exploring wilderness, and you get: Outdoor Element, a company that specializes in unique and innovative outdoor gear. Each of their items comes with loads of versatility baked into their design, and here we are taking a closer look at their range of patented Multitool Firebiners.

What is a Firebiner?

A Firebiner is a variation of the commonly used carabiner. Carabiners come in a wide range of styles and load bearing capabilities, and are a commonly used piece of gear for many outdoor enthusiasts. From high-angle technical rope, to keeping a canteen in a handy position, there are endless uses for this simple item. But for one of Outdoor Element's founders, Mike Mojica, the carabiner just wasn't versatile enough. Multitools are often used as a common EDC item, so he decided to take carabiners to the next level by cleverly building a plethora of useful tools into the design. There are several models of Firebiner, and many colors to choose from.

For those of you ultralight hikers or campers meticulously weighing everything you carry, the original Firebiner weighs a mere ounce, and comes equipped with: a flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, utility blade, hang slots and has a 100lb carrying capacity.

Firebiner Variants

The Fire Escape Multitool Firebiner is much like the original but with a little more beef. This one has a dedicated seatbelt cutter, a tungsten carbide window breaker, an oxygen tank wrench, and can carry a load of 125lbs. Every style of Firebiner lives up to its namesake by having a built in EverSpark wheel that throws a directional stream of ferrocerium sparks on to the tinder of your choice. Engraved near the EverSpark wheel is an arrow which indicates which direction to spin the wheel. This arrow can also be used as an aiming tool by aligning the tip of the arrow towards the tinder you are looking to ignite. Being able to aim the stream of sparks is especially useful if time is a factor, or if the surrounding area is susceptible to unintentional combustion.

Outdoor Element Firebiner Info

MSRP: $14.95 – $26.95


Want to see the Firebiner in action? Outdoor Element put together a few handy videos to demonstrate its uses, including the one below!


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