It’s no surprise that a company known for its optics has developed a keen understanding of the importance of visual clarity. Leupold’s recent development of a performance eyewear line is a logical extension of this knowledge base — after all, the perceived quality of your scope is easily diminished if you’re squinting at it through a pair of scuffed-up dollar-store shades. The new line of Leupold sunglasses consists of five models, ranging from range-oriented wraparound styles to casual and EDC-friendly designs.

We recently received a sample of the new Leupold Becnara, seen above. The Becnara offers a squared-off shape with shatterproof, mirror polarized lenses. Four colorways are currently available for this style: matte black with bronze lenses (pictured), matte black / gloss black with gray lenses, matte black / matte tortoise with bronze lenses, and matte tortoise with blue lenses.

We found these sunglasses to be sturdy and comfortable — the rubberized inserts at the nose and behind the ear are a nice touch. We also appreciate the subtle Leupold branding on these lifestyle shades. The polarized lenses do a great job of cutting down on glare while driving.

Although the Becnara isn't ballistic rated due to its open-sided design, many of the other styles in the Leupold sunglasses line are fully Z87.1 rated for maximum eye protection at the range. The Packout (pictured below), Switchback, and Tracer all offer shooting-oriented wraparound coverage, while the Becnara and Katmai fall into the more casual lifestyle category. Most of the designs are also prescription-compatible.

The new Leupold sunglasses are designed, machined, and assembled in the USA. MSRPs range from $130 to $190, depending on style and lens type. For more information, go to

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