CRKT has announced it will be adding a new folding knife to the Ruger CRKT knife line. We previously wrote about the Go-N-Heavy folder and the Accurate fixed blade, and the line has grown considerably since then. There are now 14 different knife models in the series, and the companies have just announced the launch of three more, under the name Hollow-Point.

Ruger Hollow Point CRKT folding knife 2

The Ruger Hollow-Point knife is based on a single folding blade penned by legendary designer Ken Onion, and manufactured by CRKT. However, this design was scaled into three sizes:

Ruger Hollow Point CRKT folding knife 3

Aside from the dimensions, all Ruger Hollow-Point knives share the same old-school styling that resembles a vintage jackknife. On the other hand, the materials used are anything but old-school. The blade is constructed from 8Cr13MoV steel with a satin finish, and it rides on an IKBS ball-bearing pivot for smooth movement. This blade can be opened via a flipper mechanism or thumb studs, and has a sturdy frame lock.

Ruger Hollow Point CRKT folding knife 1

The new Hollow-Point's handle is built from stainless steel with textured black inserts, and it includes a lanyard hole and reversible pocket clip. The standard Ruger Hollow-Point is available now at an MSRP of $70. The Compact model is $60; the larger Hollow-Point +P model is $80.

For more information on the new Ruger Hollow-Point by CRKT, visit or

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