If you're a minimalist or simply prefer enjoying the open air on camping trips, a tarp can provide a functional and lightweight form of shelter. However, it also leaves you open to cross-breeze and insect pests. On the other hand, a tent provides a more secure enclosed shelter, but at the expense of weight and complexity. Many tents bridge this gap by including a small covered vestibule for stashing boots or gear outside the tent, but these areas are generally too small for any other purpose.

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Snow Peak has released a new-for-2018 tent and tarp pack that combines the advantages of an open-air tarp with an enclosed sleeping area. The Snow Peak Entry Pack Tent & Tarp includes a four-person tent and entry-level tarp, plus all the poles, guy lines, and stakes you'll need to set them up.

The tent is made of 75D polyester with water-resistant polyurethane, teflon, and UV coatings. The tarp is made from heavier 210D polyester with the same coatings, and overlaps the tent's vestibule to create a continuous shelter.

Each component comes with its own carry bag — 24″ x 9″ x 9″ for the tent, 32″ x 7″ x 9″ for the tarp. Total weight for the two is just under 34 pounds (17.4 for the tent, 16.5 for the tarp), so this setup will be better-suited for car camping or setting up a family base camp than for backpacking or bug-out. MSRP for the entire system is $660. For more information on the Snow Peak Entry Pack Tent & Tarp, go to SnowPeak.com.

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