Carrying a concealed handgun is a subject that we could talk about for hours, given the countless technique considerations and gear options to choose from.  You may already be well-versed in the subject — if you're not, our sister publication CONCEALMENT is a great place to start learning. But concealed carry applies to more than just weapons.

Emergency medical items such as a tourniquet, hemostatic gauze, and a pressure dressing are critical for dealing with traumatic injuries immediately after they occur. However, it's not always ideal to carry these tools openly — doing so may lead to awkward conversations with coworkers or relatives about how “paranoid” you supposedly are. By concealing your medical gear, you'll have access to lifesaving tools without advertising your preparedness.

In the following RECOILtv Mail Call episode, former MARSOC Captain Billy Birdzell gives a brief overview of two pieces of medical concealment gear from PHLster. We've previously mentioned the company's Flex Appendix carry system, which offers an AIWB platform for carrying a handgun, spare magazines, and other small items. For those who'd rather distribute gear to other parts of the body, the Pocket Emergency Wallet and Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier are potential options.

The Pocket Emergency Wallet carries a compression wrap, gauze, a hemostatic pad, and a pair of gloves in a slim back-pocket-sized package. The Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier includes soft belt loops and strong elastic straps to retain a CAT, SOFTT-W, or other CoTCCC-approved tourniquets on your belt. For more info on each, go to

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