Most of our guns were bought for practical purposes — defense, hunting, target shooting, and so on. However, a few were chosen simply because they're a ton of fun to take to the range. The subject of RECOIL's latest Full Auto Friday video is a perfect example of the latter category. This full auto Glock 17 is, as Dave “FlagrantBeard” Rhoden puts it, “practically fun” even if it's not necessarily practical.

RECOIL Features Editor Dave Merrill met up with Rhoden to test the Glock at the range. They used it with and without a removable stock, and blew through several 32-round magazines quickly thanks to the autosear that replaced the original back plate. This gives the gun select-fire capability, similar to the original Glock 18 that was developed for the Austrian police unit EKO Cobra.

For the record, we should be clear about a few things. First, the full auto G17 in this video is a registered machinegun — you can read more about what that means in this RECOILweb article. Secondly, before you go looking for a stock (or pistol brace) to add to your own Glock, be aware of the legalities of doing so. Check out RECOIL's Glock stock and pistol brace buyer's guide for information on that subject.

Watch the full RECOILtv episode below, and head over to the Full Auto Friday channel for more grin-inducing blasters.

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