Most people have a favorite TV show or series—one that makes them eagerly anticipate the release of each new episode. As survivalists, this is the sort of excitement we feel every time Primitive Technology releases a new bushcraft video. This Australia-based YouTube channel only contains 18 videos, which may not seem like a lot, but watch one and you'll quickly realize it's focused on quality over quantity.

Primitive technology build a grass hut 1

In his latest video, the host of Primitive Technology builds a grass hut using nothing but sticks, rocks, vines, and (of course) grass. It's truly impressive to see something so effective built from such simple materials, and it speaks volumes about the host's craftsmanship. We also appreciate that these videos don't have any unnecessary voice-overs or music—just the sounds of the wind and primitive tools.

Primitive technology build a grass hut 3

This sort of improvised shelter would work well in warmer areas, and its stacks of grass shingles will shed water in case of a sudden rain storm. The host also built a removable roof section, which would permit the use of a small fire inside the 8-foot by 8-foot shelter.

Check out the video below:

If you haven't already been following the Primitive Technology YouTube channel, we'd encourage you to go check it out. But, be warned—it's easy to binge-watch.

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