Staying organized in the field can be a struggle, especially when it comes to keeping writing gear easily accessible. Anyone who has packed a bag for a trip of any length will have most likely felt the frustration of meticulously organizing a bag, only to have its contents thrown into chaos the second an item is sought after. The painful reality is that, if a pack does not have a designated pocket for a particular item, its going to get stirred into the gear gumbo that gets created by mixing everything in a larger compartment. Outdoor company Tuff Possum empathizes with this plight and has come up with some clever solutions, including this Field Writing caddy.

Studio photo of the Field Writing Caddy made by outdoor company Tuff Possum.

Instead of jamming pens, pencils or markers into valuable MOLLE slots, this caddy keeps writing utensils in place in an easily accessible pouch. With dimensions measuring 3.25″ x 5.75″ and weighing 0.7oz, its a lightweight solution that can be attached to the MOLLE/PALS of most modern packs and chest rigs. Being able to quickly access a writing utensil in the field is crucial when notes need to be taken quickly, and the Field Writing Caddy's laser cut, double layer CORDURA laminate body keeps about six averaged sized writing utensils exactly where they were meant to be placed.

Studio photo of the back of the Field Writing Caddy made by outdoor company Tuff Possum.

Tuff Possum uses Tegris, an incredibly durable composite material for MOLLE tabs on the caddy, and includes a hook and loop patch for additional stability depending on what it is being attached to. It can also come in a variety of color styles, including: ranger green, coyote brown, multicam, multicam black, and wolf gray. Whether its transcribing details during a field interview, making sketches on a map, or writing a time stamp on tourniquet, there is no such thing as too much organization.

Studio photo of a hand holding the range of color styles of the Field Writing Caddy made by outdoor company Tuff Possum.

Tuff Possum Field Writing Caddy Info

MSRP: $27.00



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