Bring a Trailer is a massive digital auction platform that helps vehicle sellers and buyers connect after a successful bid. While the kinds of vehicles being auctioned range from classic cars to collector vehicles, it is not limited to those. Recently a seriously tricked out 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser went up for auction on the site. Although the reserve was not met, it highlights the fact that there are other ways to get into the overlanding experience without having to be mechanically inclined.

Photo of a 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser outfitted as an overland rig.

Above: Modified 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser. Source of photo and Bring a Trailer listing found here.

How It Came To Be

This overlanding rig has a bit of a history that starts nearly 12 years ago. One morning in 2011, two CEO's passionate about overlanding, decided they would embark on an expedition across the globe, a trip that would span all seven continents and over 58,000 miles. This would turn into what is now known as Expedition 7 (E7), and you can read about the journey in its entirety on their website here. Long story short: they focused on using the Toyota Land Cruiser, partnering with various companies to outfit them for peak overlanding performance, and made one for each continent.

Photo of a 78-Series Toyota Land Cruiser listed on the Bring a Trailer digitial auction platform, outfitted for overlanding.

Above: Front view of the commemorative 78-Series Toyota Land Cruiser

A Peek Inside

Bring a Trailer listed one of the commemorative 78-Series Toyota Land Cruisers on their site, and it is tricked out to the max by German-based off-road vehicle builder Maltec Leichbautechnologie. With only 61 miles on the odometer, the fully loaded 78-Series has a custom color pallet, custom upholstery, and has been modified so a custom, carbon fiber camper box could be installed that features a pop-out roof, a sink, a JetBoil portable stove, an electric water heater, a cabin heater, a shore power connection port, and roof-mounted solar panels.

Photo of the inside view of a custom carbon-fiber camping box that has been modified to fit on the back of a 78-series toyota land cruiser. This one is listed on the Bring a Trailer digital auction platform.

Above: Inside view of the custom camping box modified to fit on the back of the 78-Series Toyota Land Cruiser.

Affixed to the exterior of the 78-Series, you'll find an electric winch with synthetic line, a snorkel, MaxTrax MKII recovery boards, Zarges aluminum storage cases, and a 12.5-gallon auxiliary fuel tank. E7 even threw in features such as tow hooks, storage lockers, and an outdoor shower connection. Under the hood rests a powerful 381hp 5.7-liter V8 illuminated by an underhood LED lighting system.

Photo of the engine block of a custom 78-Series toyota land cruiser listed on the Bring a Trailer digital auction platform.

Above: A peek under the hood of the 78-Series Toyota Land Cruiser customized for overlanding by E7

More About Bring A Trailer

For the uninitiated, overlanding has become a popular pass time over the recent years, with outdoor enthusiasts finding innumerable ways to update and equip their vehicles to handle a slew of on and off-road challenges. The idea in most cases is to take a four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive vehicle, add parts and gear that improve its off-road capabilities while allowing one to essentially live out of it, and drive it into the remote areas. Kind of like going on an adventure hike, but with wheels, shelter from the elements, and potentially avoiding those pesky nuances like dangerous wildlife, sprained ankles, or clouds of mosquitos.

Vehicles listed on Bring A Trailer could be a potential way to get started in the realm of overlanding, and it doesn't necessarily have to cost 200k like the custom 78-Series discussed earlier. The Jeep Wrangler below fits the bill, and sold previously for 55k.

Photo of a 2017 Jeep Wrangler modified as an overland rig and listed on the Bring a Trailer digital auction platform.

Above: Overland modified 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. Source of photo and the Bring a Trailer listing found here.

Or this Land Rover which, at the time of this article, is up for bid for 45K.

Photo of a 1997 Land Rover outfitted for overlanding, listed on the Bring a Trailer digital auction platform.

Above: Overland-Modified 1997 Land Rover Defender. Source of photo and listing found here.

Someone who is good with tools and tinkering can buy what they need to improve their overland rig, and spend the weekend making upgrades in the driveway. But for those without the time, or the know-how, may find it difficult to experience the excitement overlanding can offer. Bring a Trailer has the potential to circumvent this problem by listing pre-made overlanding rigs. No engineering effort required. Win the auction and the buyer has a bonafide overlanding rig with all the bells and whistles. Bring a Trailer also has an All-Terrain Vehicle category in case you need to take overlanding to the next level by deploying a quad, trike or snow-machine.

Photo of a 1964 Hus-Ski 200A snowmobile listed on the Bring a Trailer digital auction platform.

Above: Although it's not what you'd normally think of as an overland vehicle, this unusual 1964 Hus-Ski 200A snowmobile caught our interest. Source of photo and Bring a Trailer listing found here.

For more auctions of custom, rare, and unusual vehicles, check out The site boasts over 1 million registered users, so you're likely to find more than a few builds that suit your needs.


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