The benefits of having instant access to a bright beam of light at your command are numerous and substantial. Until man develops night vision in their eyeballs or bat-like sonar, getting around in dark areas without a flashlight can be clumsy and even hazardous. A flashlight compact and comfortable enough to be carried everyday allows for instant access to the illumination you need at a moment's notice. Brighten up the dark area your car is parked in, check out a strange noise behind the bushes, or even momentarily stun a would-be attacker — the uses are limitless. There are plenty of great lights available; here are seven that piqued our interest.

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CR123A, CR123, 123A:
What's the Difference?

Like many popular flashlights on the market, all the lights featured in this guide use CR123A-type batteries. Depending on the brand, you may have noticed that these cells are called CR123A, CR123, 123A, and sometimes even DL123 or just 123. Don't let all those names confuse you. Rest assured that all these batteries are the same size and will fit and power any lights that require CR123A batteries. To get the most performance out of your light, however, be sure to use the brand and model of battery that your flashlight's manufacturer recommends.

Flashlights for Everyday Carry

  • 5.11 TMT L1

    Make & Model - 5.11 TMT L1
    Colorway - Black
    Lumen Output - High 212 / Low 16
    Beam Options - High / Low / Strobe
    Runtime - High 2h / Low 25h / Strobe 3.25h
    Bezel Diameter - 1 in
    Overall Length - 3.9 in
    Weight With Battery - 2.7 oz
    Battery Type - 2.7 oz
    MSRP - $75
    URL -
    Accessories - Breakaway lanyard

    The Tactical Mission Torch L1 has three lighting modes, and allows the user to activate the flashlight in high, low, and strobe modes at a push of a rubber-capped button.

  • Brite-Strike BD-180-MH

    Make & Model - Brite-Strike BD-180-MH
    Colorway - Black
    Lumen Output - 290
    Beam Options - High
    Runtime - 1h
    Bezel Diameter - 1.1 in
    Overall Length - 3.75 in
    Weight With Battery - 3 oz
    Battery Type - CR123A (1, included)
    MSRP - $130
    URL -
    Accessories - none

    The Brite-Strike BD-180-MH is equipped with Brite-Strike's proprietary Tactical Blue Dot switch and worth every penny.

  • ExtremeBeam S.A.R. 7

    Make & Model - ExtremeBeam S.A.R. 7
    Colorway - Black
    Lumen Output - 130
    Beam Options - High
    Runtime - 1h
    Bezel Diameter - 0.85 in
    Overall Length - 3.4 in
    Weight With Battery - 2.1 oz
    Battery Type - CR123A (1, included)
    MSRP - $70
    URL -
    Accessories - holster, 1 extra CR123A

    The S.A.R. 7 is as simple as it gets. It features one lighting option — high, a bright beam of 130 lumens.

  • Inforce 6vx

    Make & Model - Inforce 6vx
    Colorway - Sand (shown), Black
    Lumen Output - High 200 / Low 40
    Beam Options - High / Low / Strobe
    Runtime - High 2h / Low 10h
    Bezel Diameter - 1 in
    Overall Length - 4.85 in
    Weight With Battery - 3.3 oz
    Battery Type - 123A (2, included)
    MSRP - $99
    URL -
    Accessories - Belt clip with built-in lanyard hole accepts 550 cord

    The MIL-STD-810F certified 6vx is a standout in many ways. It's a fiber composite-bodied light whose activation switch can be customized by choosing whether the power settings cycle from high to low to strobe or from low to high to strobe.

  • Olight M10 Maverick

    Make & Model - Olight M10 Maverick
    Colorway - Black
    Lumen Output - High 350 / Mid 80 / Low 5
    Beam Options - High / Mid / Low / Strobe
    Runtime - High 1h 15m / Mid 7h 30m / Low 108h
    Bezel Diameter - 0.9 in
    Overall Length - 3.7 in
    Weight With Battery - 2.4 oz
    Battery Type - CR123A or RCR123 (1, not included)
    MSRP - $55
    URL -
    Accessories - Lanyard

    Featuring a Cree XLamp XM-L2 350 lumen lamp, the M10 Maverick is a compact light that is packed full of features.

  • Spark Light SF3-CW

    Make & Model - Spark Light SF3-CW
    Colorway - Carbon
    Lumen Output - Super 380 / High 200 / Mid2 70 / Mid1 10 / Low 1
    Beam Options - Super / High / Mid2 / Mid1 / Low
    Runtime - Super 48 m / High 1h 48m / Mid2 6h / Mid1 30h / Low 12 days
    Bezel Diameter - 0.95 in
    Overall Length - 3.05 in
    Weight With Battery - 2 oz
    Battery Type - CR123A (1, not included)
    MSRP - $59
    URL -
    Accessories - Flood reflector

    The ProTac 1L's solid state power regulation provides maximum light output throughout its battery life. It has a programmable tail cap switch and an antiroll head and body made of anodized aluminum for durability.

  • Streamlight ProTac 1L

    Make & Model - Streamlight ProTac 1L
    Colorway - Black
    Lumen Output - High 180 / Low 12
    Beam Options - High / Low / Strobe
    Runtime - High 2h / Low 23h / Strobe 4h
    Bezel Diameter - 0.9 in
    Overall Length - 3.43 in
    Weight With Battery - 2.0 oz
    Battery Type - CR123A (1, included)
    MSRP - $75
    URL -
    Accessories - Nylon and elastic pouch

    The sharp-looking SF3-CW has a Class III hard-anodized finished aluminum-alloy body adorned with carbon fiber, and is equipped with reverse polarity protection, meaning if you accidentally install the battery backwards, no harm will come to the light.

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