We're big believers in carrying some form of knife on an everyday basis, whether that's at home, at work, running errands around town, on a casual hike, or in a survival scenario. The knife is an important tool that proves itself useful in a variety of circumstances, and it's rare that we leave home without one.

Unfortunately, there are those who believe that knives are inherently dangerous and who have pushed for restrictions on their ownership, carry, and use. This has led to the establishment of anti-knife laws within the United States and other countries, most notably the UK, where carrying a restricted knife can result in up to 4 years of prison time.

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A map of the state-by-state progress made by Knife Rights since 2010.

In order to rewrite existing knife laws and prevent the establishment of additional knife restrictions in the USA, the organization Knife Rights was established in 2006. Since then, they've seen 28 pro-knife bills established in 20 states and stopped 8 anti-knife bills. You can read more about the organization's accomplishments at KnifeRights.org.

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Knife maker Jake Hoback set out to support Knife Rights in 2018 by donating a special WarHorse Black Stallion folding knife to the organization's Ultimate Steel fundraiser. The WarHorse design was originally created in 2011 through a collaboration between Hoback Knives and Alphahunter Tactical Design. The new Black Stallion model features many revisions, which Jake outlines below:

“I pulled out all the stops in a redesign of the knife! I ran a full FEA (finite element analysis) on it to check for any weak spots. Pocketed all non-structural components to get the weight down. Did a ground-up design of a perfect hardened lock insert. Even did a full Bio/Organic 3D machined semi-floating backspacer. Added my HRD (Hoback Roller Detent), HCP (Hoback Cammed Pivot), and hardened stainless bearing races.”

Jake Hoback knives Black Stallion WarHorse folding knife rights donation 1

The resulting knife features a 3-inch CPM Cru-Wear steel blade, titanium handle with frame lock, and Battleworn Green finish. MSRP for this knife would be $850, but the donated knife will be won by a lucky entrant to the Ultimate Steel drawing. Entrants will be donating money to support Knife Rights, and entering for a chance to win a choice from over $185,000 in prizes. This includes knives, guns, EDC gear, and even an African safari.

To learn more about Hoback's WarHorse Black Stallion and the Knife Rights Ultimate steel drawing, go to KnifeRights.org.

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