American bladesmith Jake Hoback has announced the addition of two new knives to his production line. There's a new folding blade for EDC and practical daily use, as well as a tough combat-oriented fixed blade for self-defense applications. Along with the PROOF of Life axe and the F23 knife cleaning kit, Hoback has substantially expanded his range in 2017 — and we hear there'll be even more new blades announced by the end of the year.

A8 Slimline Folding Knife

Jake Hoback Knives A8 Slimline Talim knives 5

The A8 Slimline is clearly a high-end knife, but it's not intended to just sit on a shelf and look pretty. Hoback made it to do real work.

Jake Hoback Knives A8 Slimline Talim knives 6

This folder features a 3.25-inch CPM-20CV blade and a machined Grade 38 titanium frame. A flipper on the blade swings it open on pivot thrust bearings, and the frame lock with Hoback Roller Detent (HRD) feature locks it open for an overall length of 7.79 inches. Internal lightening pockets keep weight down while maintaining strength.

Jake Hoback Knives A8 Slimline Talim knives 4

The Hoback A8 Slimline is available in Stonewash, Black DLC, and Fallout Black DLC finishes. MSRP starts at $595.

Talim Combatives Fixed Blade System

Jake Hoback Knives A8 Slimline Talim knives 1

Jake Hoback's newest fixed blade is called the Talim, and it's sold as a complete fighting knife system that includes a live blade, dull aluminum training blade, and two sheaths. This enables users to safely train with a realistic version of the knife — something that's essential for a combat knife. The trainer is also 1/2-inch shorter than the live blade, so using the live blade to carry out the strikes you practiced in training will guarantee deep cuts.

Jake Hoback Knives A8 Slimline Talim knives 2

The Talim live blade is ground to a zero edge (i.e. full-flat), then back-beveled for the final edge. Hoback says this allows the knife to “cut through typical clothing/gear in real-world combat situations, while retaining the ability to efficiently cut and pierce flesh in an offensive/defensive situation.” The curved and contoured handle is designed for strong indexing and secure grip in quick-draw scenarios, and features 3D textured scales of either carbon fiber or G10.

Jake Hoback Knives A8 Slimline Talim knives 3

The Talim Combatives Fixed Blade System is available in either titanium or stainless steel, and priced at $550 or $500 (respectively).

For more info on the Jake Hoback A8 Slimline and Talim Combatives System, go to

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