Our eyes' pupils dilate, or widen, in the dark to allow more light to enter, allowing us to see better. That's what some people call our natural night vision. It takes a few moments for our eyes to adjust to darkness or brightness, so drastic changes in light levels can leave us seeing bright spots or nothing at all until our pupils can adjust. This is where multicolor flashlights can help us out.

The most common colored lights are red, blue, and green. Each of these is “softer” and don't affect our night vision as severely as white light. They are also less likely to be seen at distance, which is an advantage for those who wish to keep a low profile.

Because red light appears less bright to the human eye and also provides more contrast, it is most commonly used as a general-use light at night.

However, red light can make map reading a bit more challenging, since many lines and markers are printed in red. For this reason, blue light is preferred for map reading. Blue light is also better at spotting bodily fluids like blood, which makes it a common choice for not only police investigators and search-and-rescue teams, but hunters as well. It's also known to be useful for cutting through fog.

Like red and blue, green light can help preserve natural night vision. Unlike white light, it doesn't attract insects and doesn't spook fish or game — remember that the next time you go camping, angling, or hunting.

Multicolor flashlights allow us to stay effective long after the sun has set. So, we've gathered some of the premier models on the market. Read on to see which one lights up your nightlife.

Multicolor Flashlights

  • Coast TX100

    Make & Model - Coast TX100
    Max. Lumen Output - 125
    Max. Runtime - 13 hrs
    Overall Length - 5.9 in
    Weight with Batteries - 4.8 oz
    Battery Type - AA (2, included)
    Controls - Constant on/momentary tail-cap push button
    MSRP - $54
    URL - http://www.coastportland.com

    Housed in an impact- and weather-resistant aluminum body, the TX100 contains three virtually unbreakable LEDs that light up in red, white, or blue.

  • Coleman CPX 4.5 Multi-Color LED Flashlight

    Make & Model - Coleman CPX 4.5 Multi-Color LED Flashlight
    Max. Lumen Output - High 155
    Max. Runtime - 2 hrs
    Overall Length - 6.42 in
    Weight with Batteries - 8.1 oz
    Battery Type - AAA (3, included), Li-ion battery pack (optional)
    Controls - Constant-on bezel ring switch
    MSRP - $23
    URL - http://www.coleman.com

    The CPX 4.5 Multi-Color LED's white light is rated at 155 lumens with a 390-foot range.

  • First Light USA T-MAX Pro

    Make & Model - First Light USA T-MAX Pro
    Max. Lumen Output - 700
    Max. Runtime - 60 hrs (low mode)
    Overall Length - 3.4 in
    Weight with Batteries - 5.9 oz
    Battery Type - CR123 (2, included)
    Controls - Constant on and momentary push-button switch, mode switch
    MSRP - $280
    URL - http://www.goinggear.com

    Designed to help free up your hands for other tasks, the T-MAX Pro allows the user to access its three switches with the use of just one thumb.

  • LED Lenser P7QC

    Make & Model - LED Lenser P7QC
    Max. Lumen Output - 220
    Max. Runtime - 25 hrs (low mode)
    Overall Length - 5.23 in
    Weight with Batteries - 6.1 oz
    Battery Type - AAA (4, included)
    Controls - Constant on/momentary tail-cap push-button switch, mode bezel switch
    MSRP - $80
    URL - http://www.ledlenserusa.com

    The P7QC is an updated version of LED Lenser's popular P7 model and its first four-color handheld flashlight.m

  • Nightstick Dual-Switch Dual-Light

    Make & Model - Nightstick Dual-Switch Dual-Light
    Max. Lumen Output - 60
    Max. Runtime - 3 hrs
    Overall Length - 5.3 in
    Weight with Batteries - 2.4 oz
    Battery Type - AAA (2, included)
    Controls - Dual constant-on push-button switches
    MSRP - $10
    URL - http://www.baycoproducts.com

    The Dual-Switch Dual-Light flashlight has two switches located on its polymer body that offer the user a choice of powering its white light flashlight, red light floodlight, or both at the same time.

  • Nitecore EC11

    Make & Model - Nitecore EC11
    Max. Lumen Output - 430
    Max. Runtime - 20 hrs (lowest mode)
    Overall Length - 2.95 in
    Weight with Batteries - 2.2 oz
    Battery Type - CR123, rechargeable Li-ion IMR18350, or rechargeable Li-ion RCR123
    Controls - Constant on, mode side switches
    MSRP - Starting at $60
    URL - http://www.goinggear.com

    This puppy measures less than 3 inches long, but packs a whole lot of lumen power. In its turbo mode, it generates 430 lumens when powered by a single CR123 battery.

  • Streamlight Night Com LED

    Make & Model - Streamlight Night Com LED
    Max. Lumen Output - 105
    Max. Runtime - 3.5 hrs
    Overall Length - 5.43 in
    Weight with Batteries - 5.4 oz
    Battery Type - CR123 (2, included)
    Controls - Constant on/momentary tail-cap push button switch, rotary mode switch
    MSRP - $74
    URL - http://www.streamlight.com

    The Night Com LED is equipped with a single white light C4 LED that produces 105 lumens of light.

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