We’re always skeptical of the next “energy drink” or supplement that touts itself as a restorative solution for fatigue, heat, illness, etc. One of the major problems is that a great many of these ORS (oral rehydration solution) formulas is that they’re developed by beverage companies and there’s not a lot of science to back up the efficacy. We heard about DripDrop from the guys at Varusteleka. The Finns know as well as anyone that cold weather can pose just as much of a dehydration danger as hot weather, so we decided to check it out.

Not only was there a crowd around their booth, we overheard comments from convention attendees saying they’d been surviving on it all week. DripDrop was developed by Dr. Eduardo Dolhun upon seeing the devastation dehydration was causing in impoverished countries that often fell victim to cholera. Although many of the oral remedies were effective, their taste made them difficult to keep down, especially for young children who found the taste to be repulsive.

Let’s face it, many ORS drinks or supplements taste like you’re drinking sweat because they need a higher sodium electrolyte content to be effective. If patients can’t keep it down or refuse to drink it, it’s not going to work and, in many cases, an IV drip just isn’t practical or available as an alternative. According to DripDrop’s website, dehydration from diarrhea is the #2 cause of preventable death globally for children under 5.

Dolun came up with a patented formula that’s not only tasty, but has three times the electrolytes and half the sugar of most sports drinks. The precise glucose level in DripDrop enables a faster absorption and retention of the ORS formula. One 21-gram DripDrop stick offered in a variety of flavors can be combined with a 16oz bottle of water to treat dehydration caused by temperature, exercise, travel, illness, and yes, even hangovers. DripDrop also has flavors that can be combined with hot water as well.

For more information on DripDrop electrolyte powder, go to dripdrop.com.

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