Those of you who read Issue 18 of our magazine may remember the NoZipp sleeping bag. Thanks to its simple and innovative magnetic closure system, we gave the startup company's 15°F bag our “Top Bug-Out Pick” award in our cold-weather sleeping bag buyer's guide. Rather than rest on its comfy laurels, NoZipp has expanded its product line with a new three-piece sleep system known as the Mobile Bed.

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The new NoZipp Mobile Bed recently launched on Kickstarter, and company founder Taylor Henderson calls the system “all you need to sleep comfortably, anywhere”. It consists of three components. First, the 28-ounce down quilt can be used as an ordinary camping quilt, but it also features NoZipp's integrated magnetic closures and a drawstring. This allows it to be transformed into a mummy-style sleeping bag.

While the quilt can be used as a standalone item, its magnets are also designed to adhere to the next part of the system: an inflatable pad. The soft air pad weighs 20 ounces and keeps your body away from the cold, hard ground. But unlike ordinary sleeping pads, this pad features magnets which connect to the NoZipp quilt and keep it from shifting or slipping off while you sleep.

Three bands on the pad provide retention for the third and final component: the foam pad. This 8-ounce accordion-fold mat is made of thermally-reflective dense foam, insulating your body and preventing loss of heat. When paired with the air pad, the foam layer provides additional warmth and comfort.

The NoZipp Mobile Bed can be used as a complete system to keep you toasty in environments as cold as 25°F / -4°C. For warmer locations, you can use only the quilt and foam pad, or the quilt and inflatable. The entire Mobile Bed weighs 3.5 pounds, and it's also available in a long size for users as tall as 6'6″.

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Early bird backers will be able to order the system for $199 (regular) or $219 (long) through Kickstarter. Retail price after the Kickstarter will be $349 and $369, respectively. For more details on the Mobile Bed system, check out the Kickstarter project.

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