Knife-making runs in Robert Carter's blood. He's the son of skilled knife-maker Joe Pardue, and the grandson of an absolute legend in the knife world, Mel Pardue. Carter has attained his own success while working with Ontario Knife Company to develop the Carter Prime. The Prime is one of OKC's most popular designs, and it has now led to a second Ontario knife: the Carter 2quared.

OKC Carter 2Quared Ontario folding knife 3

An early custom prototype of the Carter 2quared design. Source: @robertcarterknives / Instagram

OKC says the name 2quared is pronounced “squared” rather than “two-quared”, but however you choose to read it, it looks to be a pretty cool blade. Carter came up with this design as a custom model, and partnered with Ontario Knife Company to bring it into production on a larger scale.

OKC Carter 2Quared Ontario folding knife 4

Another photo of the early custom design by Carter. Source: @robertcarterknives / Instagram

The production OKC Carter 2quared consists of a lightweight titanium handle, with a large forefinger groove, sturdy frame lock, and sculpted pocket clip. The drop-point flipper blade is constructed of natural D2 tool steel, rather than the blackwash finish seen on the custom version above (though we hope that finish will be available later from OKC). This D2 steel includes chromium for tough corrosion resistance, and is hardened to 59-60 HRC.

Here's a photo of the production version of the OKC Carter 2quared knife.

Here's a photo of the final production version of the OKC Carter 2quared knife.

The knife's overall length is 8.375 inches, while the blade is 3.55 inches. The OKC Carter 2quared is made in Taiwan. The company has not yet announced an official retail price, or listed the Carter 2quared on its web site, but keep an eye on the OKC Robert Carter Series page for more information in the future.

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