REACTOR Watches has unveiled a new addition to their lineup of sport watches, known as the Titan. The company states that this new model is designed to be “the toughest watch on the market”, and that it will be capable of meeting the needs of military members, law enforcement officers, and avid outdoorsmen around the world.

The new REACTOR Titan watch's 45mm case is constructed from a stainless steel inner core and Nitromid exterior layer. The Nitromid material is a fiberglass-reinforced polymer with tensile strength higher than steel, superb impact resistance, and light weight. The band consists of proprietary blend of silicone, rubber, and nylon webbing that will not absorb sweat or odors.

The Titan is water-resistant down to a dive-ready 200-meter depth, and also features an internal timing bezel that can be adjusted by the large crown at the 2:00 position.

Most importantly, the REACTOR Titan ensures its wearer will be able to read the time in any lighting conditions. REACTOR's patented Never Dark system is the first watch technology to use Swiss Superluminova photo-luminescense combined with 11 multi-color Tritium tubes embedded in the dial and bezels. This provides optimal visibility in all lighting, even during the 30-minute period while the human eye adjusts from bright to dark conditions.

Reactor Titan watch 6

The REACTOR Titan is available at an MSRP of $500, and can be purchased in four different color combinations. For more information on this watch, visit

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