On June 19th, the 2023 Outdoor Adventure Summit will be hosting an impressive array of outdoors experts and streaming their classes online, completely free of charge! For five days (June 19th through June 23rd), from noon to 3pm EST, a guest speaker will walk you through fieldcraft skill, or discuss lessons they've learned from their years of experience. This is a great opportunity to learn from some of the best survival instructors in the world, especially if you live in the urban jungle or if attending in-person classes is challenging. Event host Brady Patterson has lined up 13 speakers, each covering a unique topic related to the outdoors, or the outdoors industry.

Outdoor Adventure Summit Upgrades

If you can't attend the online event each day, there are a few options that will help ensure that you don't miss a single moment. For $77 you can get access to all of the recordings after the event to rewatch, or view at your leisure. And for $97 (the VIP upgrade) you receive all of the recordings, and get added to group calls to ask presenters questions. This includes: Carleigh Fairchild — two-time Alone contestant; Brady Patterson — event host, survival instructor and business consultant; Bushcraft Global — jungle expedition leaders; and several more. The VIP upgrade also puts your name in the running to win a knife, and get a free year of online bushcraft training when the platform goes live this fall. Of course, watching the event without the access to the recordings afterwards is completely free of charge, but paying for the extra features is a great way to support the group, and help ensure the Summit continues into the future. Sign up for the event can be found here: outdooradventuresummit.com

In no particular order, here is a list of the Summit topic presenters:

Ross Hinter

Photo of Ross Hinter sitting by camp fire in winter.

Summit Topic: Trapping and the Ethics of Wildlife Management

Background: Ross has been actively utilizing and teaching survival, bushcraft and trapping skills in Alberta Canada for over 30 years. His clients range from university students to farmers, and he strives to give everyone a deeper understanding of the environment we are surrounded by, the creatures that we encounter within that environment, and how we can better coexist.

URL: northtrappingandbushcraft.ca


Alex Rayner

Outdoor photo of Alex Rayner with an alpine scene in the background.

Summit Topic: The Mysteries of the Jam Knot

Background: Alex is a born and raised Canadian outdoorsman. He is a contributor to The Bushcraft Journal and has been the sponsorship coordinator for several Global Bushcraft Symposiums. Alex is an instructor at the renowned Karamat Wilderness Ways bushcraft school.

URL: karamat.com


Carleigh Fairchild

Outdoor photo of Carleigh Fairchild.

Summit Topic: The Secrets of Survival

Background: If you're a fan of History Channel's survival show Alone, then you know Carleigh. She is has competed on the show twice, once in Patagonia, and again in Mongolia. Carleigh also teaches earth skills in a unique way that helps her students reconnect with the land, and with their inner selves.

URL: carleighfairchild.com


Heather Saulsbury

Outdoor photo of Heather Saulsbury.

Summit Topic: The Magic of Canvas: A Conversation about Camping, Foraging, and Running a Family Business

Background: Heather is the co-founder of PNWBUSHCRAFT along with her husband Todd, and is a pioneer in modern waxed-canvas. She is an avid bushcrafter, and has been running a successful business making outdoor products to withstand the Pacific Northwest for many years.

URL: pnwbushcraft.com


Casey Deming

Photo of Casey Deming flexing at the gym.

Summit Topic: Lessons Learned from Starting 3 Companies and Running one of the Largest Bushcraft Events in the World

Background: Casey is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for the outdoors and bringing likeminded folks together. He has been successfully owning and operating Griffin Pocket Tool, and Bushcraft Coffee Co., in addtiont to hosting the popular campout/bushcraft events known as the Fall and Spring Gatherings on his ranch in Georgia.

URL: georgiabushcraft.com


The Wimpy Camper

Outdoor photo of The Whimpy Camper.

Summit Topic: How I Learned about the Outdoors, or Confessions of a Gear Junkie

Background: This popular content creator is a self-proclaimed gear-do, knife nut and camping nerd. By sharing the journey of connecting with nature, The Whimpy Camper's audience gets a view of just how rewarding spending time in the wild can be.

URL: @thewhimpycamper


Joe Flowers

Outdoor photo of Joe Flowers standing with an Amazonian tribesman.

Summit Topic: How to Make and Use a Grabate from Your Backyard to the Jungle and In Between

Background: Joe wears many hats. From designing blades for companies like Condor TK, TOPS, CJRB and Artisan, to leading world-class survival expeditions through the Amazon rainforest, and many things in between. Joe has an academic background in zoology and entomology, and is passionate about teaching and reconnecting with primitive skills.

URL: bushcraftglobal.com


JJ Morris

Photo of JJ Morris teaching a survival skills class.

Summit Topic: The Unintentional Influencer and How I Ended Up Recording All the Wisdom I Could Find

Background: Morris is the lead instructor at a survival skills school called Fuel the Fires. This school covers everything from botany and shelter building, to firearms training and first aid. With many years as a SAR operator under his belt, he brings a ton of real world survival experience to the table.

URL: fuelthefires.com


Peter Magnin

Photo of a shirtless Peter Magnin standing next to an Amazonian tribesman.

Summit Topic: How to Carve a Netting Needle

Background: Peter is a former U.S. Air Force veteran, which is where he trained with the military's top SERE instructors. Later he trained with the late Mors Kochanski, the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School, and the Boulder Outdoor Survival School. Most recently he picked up the role of Wilderness EMT for Bushcraft Global, and has led discussions as a subject matter expert at the 2022 Jungle Warfare Symposium.

URL: petermagninsurvival.com


Melanie Sawyer

Outdoor close up photo of Melanie Sawyer.

Summit Topic: Living Off Grid, Surviving Alone, and Exploring Living History

Background: Melanie is a serious off-the-grid aficionado. She lives in a self-made homestead in the Adirondacks, runs a school that teaches how people lived in the 1700's, and was contestant on the History Channel's Alone. Melanie is a bushcraft skills instructor and has made it her life's work to pass these skills and knowledge on to others.

URL: melanie-sawyer.com


Kelly Harlton

Photo of Kelly Harlton sitting in a canoe with his dog.

Summit Topic: A Lifetime Student Mentality & Simplifying Bushcraft

Background: In addition to being a survival and bushcraft skills instructor at the esteemed Karamat Wilderness Ways school, Kelly has a diverse background ranging from SAR and firefighting, to IT and mountain biking.

URL: karamat.com


Frank Grindrod

Photo of Frank Grindrod fanning the flames of a tinder bundle.

Summit Topic: How to Locate and Use Spruce Root for Lashing

Background: Frank is a wilderness guide and survival instructor at Earthworks Program. When he is not out in the bush instructing students in earth skills, he is teaching as a Professor at Smith College. Frank is a wilderness first responder and has consulted for camps, museums, conferences and schools.

URL: earthworkprograms.com


Dustin Hogard

Photo of Dustin Hogard going for a hike.

Summit Topic: The Portable Interview: How One Adventurer Navigates the World with Essential Gear

Background: Dustin turned his passion for selfless service, and his love of the outdoors, into the entrepreneurial undertaking known as Wazoo Gear. He has a long list of skills and accomplishments, including serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, becoming a certified Divemaster, volunteering as a Texas Wildland Firefighter, and Wilderness First Responder, to name a few. Dustin knows what it takes for gear to withstand the rigors of the field, and as co-founder of Wazoo, ensures their products are up to the task.

URL: wazoogear.com

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