Here at OG, we're not just keyboard warriors—we always jump at the chance to get out from behind our desks and head into the real world. That's why we're excited to announce a new adventure we're embarking on this week, with friends and staff members from RECOIL and CONCEALMENT. We're calling it RECOIL On Track, and it's all about the art of the manhunt and human tracking.

Recoil OG on track manhunt 3

In a nutshell, several of our staff members are helping Freddy Osuna and his team at Greenside Training to teach a two-week course on Index and Kinetic Tracking. This is an event that's only open to law enforcement and military members, but we'll be sharing a brief glimpse behind the curtain during our time at this undisclosed location out east.

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The Greenside Training course includes many days of instruction and field work to show LEOs how to effectively follow fugitives in the wilderness. Some of these manhunt techniques have been put into practice during the hunt for Richard Matt and David Sweat last year, as well as during the highly-publicized Christopher Dorner pursuit.

Recoil OG on track manhunt 1

During our time in the field, our staff will be posting frequent updates on our respective web sites and social media pages. Be sure to keep an eye on @recoilmagazine and @recoiloffgridmagazine for photos from our contributors. To read more background on the RECOIL On Track event, check out this post from RECOIL boss Iain Harrison.

Images courtesy of Firelance Media, Q Concepts, Greenside Training, and David Reeder.

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