Tactical Walls has just announced that their covert gun storage line will be going high-tech, thanks to the addition of RFID technology.

Tactical Walls RFID gun safe 3

So, what is RFID? Well, the complicated answer involves modulated electromagnetic fields. The simple answer is that RFID (or Radio Frequency Identification) can electronically identify a tag to a reader over close-range radio waves.

This technology has been used for years in pet ID chips, toll road transponders, anti-theft devices, and electronic key cards. Ever waved a key card over a scanner surface to unlock an office or hotel room? That's RFID at work.

Tactical Walls RFID gun safe 2

This modern technology is now being applied by Tactical Walls to enhance their “hidden in plain sight” firearm concealment systems. In addition to existing magnetic locks, Tactical Walls now offers RFID locking mechanisms for four of their models. A user can simply pull an RFID card key out of his or her pocket, and swipe it above the lock to open the gun compartment.

These new locks are not only faster to use in emergencies, but they offer a programmable option for variable security. You can program a single card to open multiple devices, for quick access to any firearm in your home or office. Alternatively, you can program multiple cards to open one device, and hand out these key cards to trusted family members and friends.

Tactical Walls RFID gun safe 1

Finally, these RFID locks also feature a Tattle Tale function, which can be set to beep if the compartment is left open for a certain amount of time. This can serve as a reminder to secure the firearm, or it can be disabled if preferred.

Tactical Walls RFID gun safe 4

As with all Tactical Walls products, there's a wide array of finish and trim options to choose from, so you can tailor the concealment system to match your home decor. And when SHTF, one swipe of your key card, and your gun will be ready to use to defend your home.

For more information on Tactical Walls RFID products, visit TacticalWalls.com.

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