Over the last few days, a record-breaking blizzard known as Winter Storm Jonas dumped several feet of snow across the eastern United States, causing at least two dozen deaths. Major storms like this can be life-threatening, especially if you're stuck outdoors and unprepared.

Winter shelter mountains

Don't venture into the outdoors this winter without being mentally and physically prepared.

So, now is the time to learn how to diagnose, treat, and survive hypothermia. That way, if you're caught in a snowstorm, you'll know the warning signs and how to react.

We love infographics for their ability to condense useful facts into a visually appealing and memorable format. This infographic from Eastern Mountain Sports illustrates some useful tips about hypothermia:

How to Survive Hypothermia infographic

Wearing layers, maintaining a high core temperature, and staying dry will give you a good head start towards staving off the cold. However, in case you're stuck outside in the snow for an extended period, you should also know how to build a winter snow shelter.

Small items like Mylar emergency blankets and chemical heat packs can be a life-saver, and they don't weigh much or take up valuable pack space. Consider keeping a few in your go bag and/or your vehicle's glove box. Most of all, plan ahead and prepare to deal with the cold when you leave the house. It might just save you this winter.

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