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In a wilderness survival situation, a trustworthy cutting tool is one of the most important pieces of equipment for staying alive. Without a sturdy and sharp knife, straightforward tasks like breaking down firewood or gutting a fish become frustrating challenges.

Knives are equally useful in urban environments, albeit for different reasons.

With the right training, a blade can be a powerful self-defense tool. Or perhaps you have to slice a seatbelt to free an unconscious driver from a burning vehicle. Maybe you simply need to carve open some plastic packaging during a day at the office. For all these reasons and more, it's a good idea to carry a folding blade as part of your everyday-carry gear (EDC).

However, choosing from thousands of designs can certainly be overwhelming. To shed some light on the latest folding knives on the market, we evaluated one folder each from two-dozen knife manufacturers. Cramming 24 knife reviews into our print issue would monopolize it. So, we'll share 14 in print; the other 10 reviews will be available exclusively here on If you don't see your favorite knife manufacturer here, hold off on the hate mail — check the link at the end of this article for more folding knife reviews.

Want More?
Stay tuned for 10 other reviews of folding knives from manufacturers like Boker, Brous Blades, Cold Steel, OKC, and Zero Tolerance. We'll be posting these web-exclusive reviews soon at

Folding Knives for Everyday Carry

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