In a wilderness survival situation, a trustworthy cutting tool is one of the most important pieces of equipment for staying alive. Without a sturdy and sharp knife, straightforward tasks like breaking down firewood or gutting a fish become frustrating challenges.

Knives are equally useful in urban environments, albeit for different reasons.

With the right training, a blade can be a powerful self-defense tool. Or perhaps you have to slice a seatbelt to free an unconscious driver from a burning vehicle. Maybe you simply need to carve open some plastic packaging during a day at the office. For all these reasons and more, it's a good idea to carry a folding blade as part of your everyday-carry gear (EDC).

However, choosing from thousands of designs can certainly be overwhelming. To shed some light on the latest folding knives on the market, we evaluated one folder each from two-dozen knife manufacturers. Cramming 24 knife reviews into our print issue would monopolize it. So, we'll share 14 in print; the other 10 reviews will be available exclusively here on If you don't see your favorite knife manufacturer here, hold off on the hate mail — check the link at the end of this article for more folding knife reviews.

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Folding Knives for Everyday Carry

  • Benchmade Knife Company 570

    Make & Model - Benchmade Knife Company 570
    Overall Length - 8.7 inches
    Blade Length - 3.72 inches
    Weight - 6.3 ounces
    MSRP - $205
    URL -

    This new combat-style drop-point design includes a prominent false edge along the spine, tapering the large S30V blade into a puncturing point.

  • Camillus Scorn

    Make & Model - Camillus Scorn
    Overall Length - 7.5 inches
    Blade Length - 3.25 inches
    Weight - 4.2 ounces
    MSRP - $45
    URL -

    With an upswept sheepsfoot blade made from AUS-8 stainless, the Camillus Scorn is a practical blade for everyday use.

  • Columbia River Knife & Tool Remedy

    Make & Model - Columbia River Knife & Tool Remedy
    Overall Length - 8.3 inches
    Blade Length - 3.57 inches
    Weight - 5.3 ounces
    MSRP - $60
    URL -

    The Remedy is the production version of a design by custom knife designer Liong Mah, and its sleek deeply-beveled blade shape was inspired by a traditional Finnish Puukko outdoorsman's knife.

  • Emerson Knives Aftershock

    Make & Model - Emerson Knives Aftershock
    Overall Length - 8.9 inches
    Blade Length - 3.8 inches
    Weight - 5 ounces
    MSRP - $253
    URL -

    This knife features a Bowie-style 154CM blade with a single-sided edge, which will be available in either stonewashed or black finish.

  • Fox Knives Mojo Olive

    Make & Model - Fox Knives Mojo Olive
    Overall Length - 8.3 inches
    Blade Length - 3.5 inches
    Weight - 5.4 ounces
    MSRP - $185
    URL -

    This is unabashedly an outdoorsman's knife, with a sturdy back-lock and a broad N690Co blade that seems destined for skinning.

  • Gerber Gear US-Assist S30V

    Make & Model - Gerber Gear US-Assist S30V
    Overall Length - 7.2 inches
    Blade Length - 3.0 inches
    Weight - 4 ounces
    MSRP - $119
    URL -

    This version of Gerber's latest made-in-the-USA folder features a stonewashed S30V blade, swift assisted-opening mechanism, and button-activated plunge lock.

  • Hinderer Knives XM-18 3-inch

    Make & Model - Hinderer Knives XM-18 3-inch
    Overall Length - 7 inches
    Blade Length - 3 inches
    Weight - 3.4 ounces
    MSRP - $425
    URL -

    Any knife in this price range will attract some harsh critics, but there's certainly a lot to like about the XM-18.

  • Kershaw Knives Dividend Gray

    Make & Model - Kershaw Knives Dividend Gray
    Overall Length - 7.25 inches
    Blade Length - 3 inches
    Weight - 2.9 ounces
    MSRP - $70
    URL -

    The Dividend is an assisted-opening folder made at Kershaw's Tualatin, Oregon facility.

  • SOG Specialty Knives Ultra C-Ti

    Make & Model - SOG Specialty Knives Ultra C-Ti
    Overall Length - 6.1 in.
    Blade Length - 2.8 in.
    Weight - 1.3 oz.
    MSRP - $134
    URL -

    The C-Ti in this knife's name stands for carbon fiber and titanium.

  • Spartan Blades Pallas Tanto Blackout

    Make & Model - Spartan Blades Pallas Tanto Blackout
    Overall Length - 8.75 inches
    Blade Length - 3.75 inches
    Weight - 4.9 ounces
    MSRP - $290
    URL -

    Pallas was one of the Titans of Greek mythology, specifically the god of war. This manual-opening flipper knife bears the same name.

  • Spyderco Para 3

    Make & Model - Spyderco Para 3
    Overall Length - 7.24 inches
    Blade Length - 2.95 inches
    Weight - 3.4 ounces
    MSRP - $200
    URL -

    This American-made knife is the successor to the popular Para Military 2, but scaled down by approximately 15 percent.

  • TAC Force TF-434 Speedster Model Tactical Rescue Knife

    Make & Model - TAC Force TF-434 Speedster Model Tactical Rescue Knife
    Overall Length - 8.1 inches
    Blade Length - 3.5 inches
    Weight - 5.3 ounces
    MSRP - $8
    URL -

    We found this TAC-Force knife on Amazon for $8. No, we didn't omit a digit — that price even includes one-day shipping.

  • TOPS Knives Tac-Raze

    Make & Model - TOPS Knives Tac-Raze
    Overall Length - 7.63 inches
    Blade Length - 3.25 inches
    Weight - 2.7 ounces
    MSRP - $130
    URL -

    TOPS is well-known for its fixed-blade knives; the Tac-Raze is one of only three folding designs currently offered by the company.

  • Wander Tactical Hurricane Folder

    Make & Model - Wander Tactical Hurricane Folder
    Overall Length - 8.46 inches
    Blade Length - 3.54 inches
    Weight - 8.5 ounces
    MSRP - $375
    URL -

    Two brothers from Italy joined forces to form Wander Tactical. The duo has focused on making outdoor-oriented fixed blades with aggressive styling and extreme durability; the Hurricane is the company's first folding knife design.

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