Time for a reality check: many of the every-day carry loadouts you'll find on Instagram, Facebook, and forums are thinly-veiled gear porn. Now, hold your horses, there's nothing wrong with that. We love drooling over high-end gear that looks like it just came out of the box, and seeing all the creative gear pairings people come up with. However, a large portion of these EDC kits are not exactly what we'd call realistic.


When you use a tool enough, it's going to get dirty and scratched. That's a fact of life.

RECOIL staff summarized this “fantasy EDC” cliche nicely:

“Here’s my [insert pistol brand here] in a [choose holster type here], backup gun on my ankle, mini-IFAK on my other ankle, beard comb though I’m clean shaven ‘cuz someone might need it, Zippo lighter though I don’t smoke ‘cuz someone might need it, folding knife in right back pocket, fixed blade in scout style crossdraw sheath, wallet, task light clipped to my left pocket, tactical light down inside where no one can see it, watch with man-bling, multitool-keyholder, custom Ti prybar, spare mag for primary, spare mag for BUG, cell phone, inkpen and notebook, bootknife, Firefly IR beacon, extra TQ in belt pouch, x-ray glasses and bottle of hand lotion.”

Unless you want to look like Batman with a sweet utility belt as you walk around downtown, that seems like a lot of gear to carry.

We'll admit it takes some serious cojones to get a $1000+ watch this dirty.

You won't usually see photos of a $1000 Smith & Bradley Rogue Atlantis watch in this condition, but it was...

Also, most of us aren't going to spend thousands of dollars on a watch, and then wear it while we're elbow-deep in mud and grime. Similarly, you may see EDC loadouts online showing off $500 customized folding knives, but the majority of those guys probably aren't really putting them through the wringer every day. Fortunately, our friends at RECOILweb recently posted an article titled “Every Day Carry for Real” that shows a handful of real-world EDC loadouts tackling some dirty bathroom repairs. It may not be pretty, but it's 100% real.


Some may find these photos horrifying, and we can see why—it's not always easy to look at nice gear in this condition. However, we also find these photos refreshing, since the real-world EDC loadouts provide a much-needed reality check.

For even more photos of the carnage, check out the full article on RECOILweb.com.

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