If you've been following our print magazine, you'll likely recognize the name EXOTAC. The company produces fire-starting tools designed for every-day carry, with machined aluminum construction and a slick modern appearance. We reviewed the EXOTAC nanoSTRIKER XL ferro rod in Fire at Will, our fire-starter buyer's guide in Issue 18.

EXOTAC nanoSPARK fire starter lighter wheel tinder 7

EXOTAC is well-known for its EDC ferrocerium rods, like this nanoSTRIKER XL.

Today, EXOTAC released a new fire-starter called the nanoSPARK, and launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its production. The new American-made EXOTAC nanoSPARK is a compact sparking device which fits on a keychain, and can be operated with one hand. Rather than a ferrocerium rod and scraper, it uses a flint wheel design. Anyone who has used a cigarette lighter should be familiar with this mechanism — it's even compatible with standard Zippo lighter replacement flints.

EXOTAC nanoSPARK fire starter lighter wheel tinder 3

The nanoSPARK has another trick up its sleeve. Knowing that dry tinder can be hard to find in an emergency, EXOTAC designed the fire-starter with a built-in waterproof storage capsule for the company's quickLIGHT tinder. Unscrew the aluminum body of the device, and you'll be able to insert one piece of the tinder as well as a few additional flints. Each nanoSPARK includes a total of five pieces of tinder.

EXOTAC nanoSPARK fire starter lighter wheel tinder 6

The EXOTAC nanoSPARK is available in four colors: anodized orange, olive green, gunmetal gray, or black. A limited number of “early bird” backers of the Kickstarter project can snag an orange fire-starter for $18, after which the price will increase to $22. They're also available in packages of two, three, or four units, so you can share them with your friends.

EXOTAC nanoSPARK fire starter lighter wheel tinder 2

The company says all orders from this crowdfunding campaign will be shipped by the end of July. For more information and a video of the nanoSPARK in action, visit EXOTAC's Kickstarter campaign.

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