LED light bars have made a huge impact on the off-road market — it's rare these days to see a bug-out truck that doesn't have at least one or two LED lights. However, there are some downsides to the traditional 3- to 5-foot-long light bars. While they produce immense amounts of light, full-size light bars also draw high amperage, and can overload the electrical systems of smaller vehicles such as ATVs and side-by-sides. They also throw light in a wide line or arc, and are more difficult to aim precisely for targeted needs. Finally, their large dimensions can block radiator grilles or impede visibility, depending on placement.

Baja Designs LED light bars truck 4

The Baja Designs S2 line is available in several beam pattern configurations, from spot to wide flood beam.

In these instances, running a smaller light pod is beneficial. This is why Baja Designs has released the S2 series of ultra-compact LED lights. They measure just 3 inches by 2 inches and weigh 8 ounces, so they're ideal for mounting in grilles, on bumpers or roof racks, or for use as back-up lights. These lights are also designed for low amperage draw, so they won't add too much strain to a smaller vehicle's electrical system.

Baja Designs LED light bars truck 3

The S2 Pro is available in flush-mount configuration for installation on bumpers and grilles.

The Baja Designs series is split into two categories: S2 Sport and S2 Pro. The S2 Sport is the entry-level model, and produces 1,130 lumens, with a draw of 12 watts at 0.9 amperes. Pricing for the S2 Sport starts at $110.

The S2 Pro is what Baja Designs calls “quite literally the brightest LED light ounce for ounce on the market”. It produces 2,450 lumens with a draw of 20 watts at 1.6 amperes. Pricing for the S2 Pro starts at $175.

Baja Designs LED light bars truck 2

Color lenses are available for red, blue, green, and amber light output.

A variety of beam patterns are available — Driving/Combo, Spot, Wide Cornering and a Work/Scene light. The S2 lights also offer either black or white powdercoated housings. All are available with optional amber colored lenses, and the Spot model is also available with optional red, green or blue color lenses.

For more information on the new Baja Designs S2 series, visit BajaDesigns.com.

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