We’ve always liked expedition vehicles, since they’re pretty much the ultimate survival assets on four (or six) wheels. They can overcome almost any kind of terrain, they’re built to be tough and highly reliable, and they are often jam-packed with supplies and tools for the road ahead. If you’re looking for an expedition vehicle, you can pay six figures to have one made to order, or—if you’re mechanically inclined—you can start with a common truck platform and build the rest yourself.

Land Rover expedition vehicle

After considering these two options, Expedition Portal forum user Taurunum chose the latter, and built his 1988 Land Rover Discovery into a proper home on wheels. The 4×4 turbo-diesel Land Rover itself is a seriously capable machine, seeing widespread use by the U.K.’s military and other organizations worldwide. On top of this, Mr. Taurunum added a utility box, numerous locking compartments, armored bumpers, a winch, auxiliary lights, and a pop-up rooftop tent.

You can read more about this expedition vehicle setup here on Bring a Trailer, or click here to see a gallery with more photos of this cool rig.

Land Rover Discovery home made bugout truck

So, what would your ultimate bug out truck look like? If you’ve already built one, or are working on a project, post it in the comments below.

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