Lightweight camping and backpacking gear can be a great aid to survivalists, as contributor Andy Schrader mentioned in his story, Planning an Ultralight Bug-Out Bag. However, if you've ever spent time in an outdoor gear store, you'll probably recall that ultralight gear is typically available in every neon color under the sun — but not more subdued shades. For recreational backpackers, that's no big deal. But in a survival situation where concealment may be a concern, high-vis colors are not optimal.

Mountainsmith Mountain Shelter LT shelter tent trekking poles 3

This is why we're pleased to see that Mountainsmith has released its popular Mountain Shelter LT tarp in a new subdued color, Pinon Green. Until recently, this ultralight tarp was only offered in bright yellow, pictured above — great if you're looking to be rescued, but not if you're trying to stay unseen.

Mountainsmith Mountain Shelter LT shelter tent trekking poles 4

The Mountain Shelter LT weighs just 2 pounds fully packed, and is designed to set up with two lightweight trekking poles (or any 53-inch and 40-inch rigid poles). It's made of 40-denier ripstop sil-nylon material, with a silicone coating on the exterior and a polyurethane layer inside to repel water. It includes 13 aluminum stakes, and a stuffsack with set-up instructions printed on it.

Setup is quick, with multiple guyout attachment points and reflective guylines — you can even rig it to trees for an overhead setup without trekking poles. The Mountain Shelter LT is large enough for two adults, and features a zippered front door and rear vent window. Total floor area is 54 square feet.

Mountainsmith Mountain Shelter LT shelter tent trekking poles 5

This shelter is available at an MSRP of $130. For more info on the Mountain Shelter LT, go to

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