Your clothing, like any other type of gear you own, is heavily dependent on your surroundings. You wouldn't wear high-top combat boots to a wedding, and you'd get equally strange looks if you wore a suit and tie on a weekend hike in the woods. Selecting the right apparel helps you fit in with your surroundings, but also provides flexibility and comfort for hard use.

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For those of us who need to adhere to an office dress code, or those who simply want to wear something a little more formal than a T-shirt, the polo shirt is the go-to choice. It fits in in urban environments, and exhibits a polished and professional look without the need for long sleeves or snag-prone buttons.

However, many polo shirts from big-box retail stores tend to be loose-fitting, and turn into an uncomfortable sponge if you get sweaty. This is where moisture-wicking fabrics make a huge difference. They breathe better, dry faster, and are often far more flexible than ordinary cotton.

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Triple Aught Design (TAD) has released a new polo shirt for active pursuits. It's called the Caliber Polo, and it's made in the USA from Polartec Power Dry fabric. This high-tech material uses a bi-component knit to create a natural wicking action that draws moisture away from the skin. It's said to dry twice as fast as 100% cotton and stay 30% drier than other single-component fabrics.

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The fabric also has “Polygiene odor control technology that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi using low concentrations of recycled silver salt.” That might sound like black magic, but silver salt has been scientifically proven to inhibit bacterial growth on treated fabrics (and therefore limit unpleasant odors).

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The TAD Caliber Polo has a slim athletic fit, and is available in three colors, pictured above from left to right: Crater (light gray), Tarmac (green), and Deception (dark gray). It's available now at an MSRP of $70. For more information on the Caliber Polo, go to

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