In survival situations, you might be forced to put aside your sense of disgust and eat foods that seem unappetizing in order to stay alive. Many of us would struggle to stomach questionable or potentially-expired food, but there's one person who certainly won't have any difficulty with the challenge: Steve1989. The host of this YouTube channel tests old and obscure MREs from around the world, and never seems phased by mold, dead insects, and decomposition of all sorts as he taste-tests these meals.

MRE taste test survival food wwii ration meal 2

We previously wrote about Steve's experience with a 1952 Food Packet MRE, but in a recent video Steve ups the ante yet again with the oldest MRE he has featured to date. He managed to obtain a sealed 1943 U.S. Army K Ration Dinner Unit, which he unboxes and tastes in the video below. Yes, you read that right — he actually eats a 74-year-old MRE.

“I hope that's not bug droppings… I don't think it's supposed to look like that.”

Nevertheless, Steve tears open the box and starts snacking. This particular ration included a tin of “processed American cheese with bacon” which degenerated into a crusty brown hockey puck — Steve's response is “It actually doesn't look as bad as I expected it to.”

MRE taste test survival food wwii ration meal 1

There are also cigarettes (standard in MREs of this era), gum, dextrose candy tablets, two kinds of biscuits, sugar cubes, and lemon drink mix. Steve tastes what doesn't appear dangerously rancid, and even smokes the cigarette at the end of the video. If you're wondering if your stomach could cope with this fossilized K ration, watch the video below. All we can say is we're glad video cameras don't record smells.

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