Clean water and fuel are two extremely valuable resources in any disaster scenario, whether that's a short-term road trip gone wrong or a long-term collapse of infrastructure. If there comes a time when drinkable water doesn't flow freely from the taps and fuel reserves run dry, or if you're in a remote location without access to either of these resources, you could end up in serious trouble. It's therefore wise to keep some spare fuel and water at your home or in your vehicle.

The underside of the water can's lid retains the removable spigot so it won't get lost.

In the following RECOILtv Mail Call episode, former MARSOC Captain Billy Birdzell talks about water and fuel storage containers from Wavian. This company is the original creator of the NATO jerry can that has been used by the United States and other NATO countries for more than 75 years. Wavian jerry cans are made of 0.9mm cold-rolled steel, with a leak-proof bayonet closure and onboard storage for the detachable pour spout. They can be used for gasoline or diesel, and are legal for use in all 50 states. The water cans are made from BPA-free, food-grade polymer, and they include an internally-mounted spout and a breather vent.

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