When you're preparing for a survival situation, it's essential to select the right gear. That means choosing items that are dependable and effective in a variety of scenarios — but most of all, it means choosing gear that's totally fabulous. With the right post-apocalyptic ensemble, marauders will stop dead in their tracks to admire your outfit. That's what we call survival fashion.

Unfortunately, picking the right gear to accentuate your SHTF style isn't easy. There's a fine line between mall ninja and hardcore operator. So, we've compiled a convenient guide of 25 super-glam looks for Spring 2017. Read on and get ready to shop, shop, shop!

Tacticool survival fashion mall ninja April Fools Day 1

In case it wasn't already obvious: happy April Fool's Day! Prepare a healthy dose of skepticism for anything you read today — like the announcement that Brownells is becoming the internet's largest tactical falconry dealer.

Prepare Now:

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