In 2012, RECOIL launched its first publication, a stark departure from the traditional firearms magazine. In 2013, the RECOIL team branched out to the survivalist world with the first issue of OFFGRID. In 2015, CONCEALMENT became the third publication in our lineup, featuring articles related to concealed carry and self-defense. And in 2017, we added the first issue of our fourth magazine: CARNIVORE. This publication takes a fresh approach to the hunting lifestyle, celebrating the field-to-table meat revolution in all its bloody glory.

CARNIVORE Issue 2 articles

We're pleased to announce that CARNIVORE magazine has returned for 2018. CARNIVORE Issue 2 goes on sale world-wide on Friday, August 24th — that's just one week away.

CARNIVORE Issue 2 cover

So, where can you get CARNIVORE Issue 2? It will be available in the same places you'll find RECOIL and OFFGRID — you can use MagFinder to view retailers in your area that carry our magazines. If you're still not able to find a copy, you can order one directly here.

For more news and articles from CARNIVORE, be sure to check out

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