Competition is a great way to stay motivated and improve your skills. You'll get a better workout if you're pushing yourself to keep up with a friend, and you'll increase your proficiency with a gun faster if you regularly use it in matches. This same logic applies to hunting — while practicing this survival skill on your own can be effective, introducing the element of competition can accelerate your learning and growth as a hunter. CARNIVORE's upcoming Hunter Games event provides an opportunity to do just that.

The inaugural CARNIVORE Hunter Games is open to hunters of all ages and skill levels, and will take place on September 20th – 22nd, 2019 at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Kentucky. It will consist of three disciplines:

  • Rifle Competition
  • Bowhunter Challenge
  • Wingshooting Competition

Game-shaped targets with steel kill zones will be used during the competition.

You can participate in all three disciplines, or pick and choose the ones you're most comfortable with.

Hunter (novice) and Carnivore (pro) divisions will be available for shooters of varying skill levels, and the Bowhunter Challenge will offer a division for junior archers. There will be vendors onsite with new gear to check out, as well as optional side matches where participants can win prizes. Bring the whole family for a fun weekend!

For more information on the CARNIVORE Hunter Games event and how to sign up, go to

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