When you hear the name Hershey, what comes to mind? If you think like most Americans, it's most likely a creamy milk chocolate bar in a dark brown wrapper. This confection has been a staple in the candy industry since its invention in 1900. In fact, it was so successful, the company's hometown of Derry Church, Pennsylvania even changed its name to Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Hershey Krave dried meat bars 2

A Hershey's cocoa ad from 1918. Source: Wikipedia

However, the times they are a-changin'. While many people still enjoy the original Hershey bar, many others are looking for products with less sugar and more nutrients. So, the Hershey Company took a bold step and purchased Krave Jerky in 2015 for close to $300 million. Now, Hershey has announced that they're going to use these dried meats in the form of Hershey Krave protein bars.

Hershey Krave dried meat bars 4

Krave Jerky offers many unconventional flavors, such as Basil Citrus and Black Cherry Barbecue.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this new dried meat bar line will incorporate dried fruits such as mangos and cranberries, as well as healthy grains such as quinoa. The company has gone to great lengths to achieve the right balance of protein content, sweetness and moisture, and to avoid the potentially unappealing image of a dried meat bar.

“We aren’t going out there saying it is a meat bar. We’re saying it is a Krave bar,” Rusti Porter, vice president of marketing for Hershey’s Krave said. “It’s not just beef jerky in a bar in your mouth.”

Hershey Krave dried meat bars 3

The original Hershey Bar is a far cry from the new meat-based Krave bars.

Hershey is also developing a protein-oriented brand known as SoFit. This new brand will offer protein smoothies in squeezable pouches and other healthy snacks. Details on SoFit and Hershey Krave bars remain scarce, but from a survivalist's standpoint, it's interesting to see major companies branching out into healthy and nutrient-dense products.

Hershey Krave dried meat bars 1

We've enjoyed testing survival meat products in the past, and we'd say a dried meat and fruit-based protein bar could make an excellent addition to a bug-out bag or day pack. So, we'll keep an eye out for these Hershey Krave bars hitting shelves in August.

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