Trash is a fact of life, especially in our densely-packed and urbanized society. Due to modern infrastructure and trash pickup services, we often don't consider the sheer volume of trash each home produces — we wheel it out to the street, the garbage truck comes, and it's out of sight and out of mind. However, if a major disaster occurs, trash pickup services will cease and waste buildup will become a serious problem.

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One solution that can alleviate the burden of waste buildup is composting. By burying organic material in a layered structure with the right amount of moisture, composting naturally degrades waste into valuable fertilizer. Grass, leaves, sawdust, paper, cardboard, fruit peels, eggshells, and even hair can be re-purposed into a substance that enriches your soil and helps your home garden thrive.

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In everyday life, composting is easy and beneficial. When trash pickup is not an option, composting is even more attractive. The alternative is a smelly disorganized trash heap that serves no purpose — unless you're looking to attract rodents or insect pests. A properly-constructed compost heap will put this waste to good use.

The following infographic from shows the benefits of compost, and how it turns trash into treasure. Click here to download a full-size version. (Note that the items you “cannot” compost may vary depending on local laws; in an emergency, composting human and animal waste is an option, but it may be against the law during normal circumstances.)

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