If every tap and faucet in your city stopped producing clean water at this very moment, how much trouble would you be in? Most people don't even consider this possibility. After all, it's easy to take our virtually indefinite supply of clean running water for granted. But a sudden water shortage would have far-reaching health consequences — it'd suddenly be a challenge to wash your hands, clean dishes, shower, and of course find water to drink.

Emergency water prep filter purifier disinfectant plastic bottles 6

The following infographic from HydrationAnywhere.com goes over the basics of prepping an emergency water supply, something every disaster preparedness plan should accommodate for. If you've been following our site or our magazine for a while now, you may already be aware of much of this information, but it's a good refresher. At the end of this page, we'll share a list of links to other articles we've written on emergency water filtration or purification — check them out and see what water prep tips you may have missed.

This graphic is also a good resource to share with friends and family members who may not be as ready for emergencies as you are. An emergency water supply is important for everyone, not just hardcore survivalists. Click here to download a full-size version of the infographic.

Emergency water prep filter purifier disinfectant medical infographic 1Emergency water prep filter purifier disinfectant medical infographic 2Emergency water prep filter purifier disinfectant medical infographic 3Emergency water prep filter purifier disinfectant medical infographic 4

Note: Simply bringing water to a rolling boil is sufficient for purification — it's not strictly necessary to wait for three minutes, though it certainly won't hurt.

It's also worth mentioning that tap water is already treated under normal circumstances, but is not guaranteed to remain safe to drink in a disaster scenario (e.g. a major flood).

Here are some links for additional reading on the subject of emergency water prep:


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