If you carry a handgun on a daily basis, you've probably put quite a bit of thought into how you carry it — holster type, material, placement, cant, and so on. You may also carry associated every-day carry items, such as a spare magazine, medical kit, and flashlight. For EDC purposes, it's likely that you're concealing these items to maintain a low profile. However, there are also times when concealment is no longer a priority, such as range days, hunting trips, or even long-term disaster scenarios. In these cases, an overt battle belt setup offers a comfortable and immediately-accessible way to carry a larger assortment of gear.

In a recent RECOILtv episode, Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical covered the basics of setting up a battle belt, and showed off his personal setup. Aside from the obvious holster and spare pistol mag pouches, his setup also includes an extra rifle magazine, dump pouch, Blue Force Gear individual first aid kit, and Leatherman multi-tool. Depending on your environment and needs, you might add various items, such as a fixed-blade knife, handheld flashlight, or general-purpose pouch with communication, signaling, or navigation tools. A battle belt is a blank canvas that can accommodate any of this gear.

Watch the full episode below, and check out RECOILtv for more tips on guns, gear, and training.

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