Whether you're hunting for recreation or trying to put food on the table in a dire survival situation, visibility is essential. A clear view will enable you to identify your target and place your shot accurately, increasing your odds of bringing home some meat. But it's even better to be able to see your target when it can't see you. Thermal optics enable you to hunt in low-light conditions or even total darkness, and anyone who has used one can tell you what a tremendous advantage these optics can provide.

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FLIR has announced the release of two new thermal rifle optics designed for hunting and security. The PTS536 and PTS736 join FLIR's ThermoSight Pro Series alongside the existing PTS233 (pictured above). These new optics are based on the FLIR Boson core with 12-micron pixel pitch — in layman's terms, that means improved image quality and detail can be seen on the integrated 1280×960 60Hz high-definition FLCOS display.

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The chip used in the PTS536 and 736 also offers built-in video processing, with an uncompressed video signal that's fed to the display. The optics also feature shot-activated recording, which can save up to 2.5 hours of video or 1,000 still images on the internal storage. This footage can be exported to a computer later via a USB-C cable.

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The thermal display appearance can be customized with multiple reticle, thermal palette, and enhancement filters to choose from. A digital compass and inclinometer are also built in to each optic.

The FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS563 features a 50mm lens, 4x optical magnification, 4x digital zoom and a 4.5°W × 3.5°H FOV. The ThermoSight Pro PTS736 features a 75mm lens, 6x optical magnification, 4x digital zoom and a 3°W × 2.5°H FOV. MSRP is $3,795 and $4,795, respectively. For more information on these thermal optics, go to FLIR.com.

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